Our purpose has 3 main thrusts:


To promote and encourage the Christian evangelisation of the world.


To broadcast the Christian Gospel nationally and internationally through radio.


To actively pray for revival and promote prayer for revival among all Christians.

How do we seek to achieve this?


Producing a wide range of Christian radio programmes in our studios aimed at:

  • Challenging non Christians with the message of Christ
  • Nurturing new Christians to growth and witness and
  • encourage established Christians to maturity in Christ


  • Advertising on secular radio in the UK, particularly to reach young people
  • Broadcasting on Christian radio in the UK and Europe
  • Broadcasting on missionary and secular radio in Africa and India
  • Operating and providing training for short-term UK Christian radio stations (RSL’s)


  • Producing and circulating an International Prayer Bulletin
  • Holding regular times of prayer involving prayer partners around the world
  • Giving visitors to our website the opportunity to post prayer requests
  • Developing a 24 hour Prayer Centre in Eastbourne, UK

Our Threefold Commitment:

  1. Do God’s will above all things
  2. Exercise integrity in all we do
  3. Be motivated by love